Offering Long-term Horse Care Services for Retired and Aging Horses

Challis Creek Ranch

Challis Creek Ranch and Horse Retirement and Resort Program concentrate on returning horses to the natural surroundings and traditional herd environment in which horses historically have existed. In such an environment, each horse enjoys the freedom nature intended while benefitting even further from the resulting mobility.

Horses are allowed to live out their lives in unequaled leisure in the company of their own kind and in the safety and comfort of an environment matching that traditionally known to their ancestors.


  • Fewer problems associated with the aging process are encountered

  • The horses gain the ability to socialize with the balance of the herd, with boredom virtually eliminated

  • Generally, each horse experiences a better appetite resulting in fewer digestive problems while grazing on rich pasture grasses throughout the year

  • There are minimal occurrences of colic because of the easy digestibility of the grasses in continually rotated pastures and locally grown alfalfa, grass, alfalfa/grass combination, and oat hay plus grains supplemented, if needed, in the winter months

  • Continual grazing enhances tooth wear minimizing the need for "floating" and excessive dental care

  • Mobility in this undisturbed terrain results in natural hoof wear, minimizing farrier expenses

Challis Creek Ranch
Challis Creek Ranch

Horse Retirement Pastures & Open Spaces

It is not uncommon for some new boarders that have spent the majority of their lives confined to a relatively small area, especially in comparison to the spacious pastures on Challis Creek Ranch, to experience agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). When this does occur, particular care is taken to start these horses in our larger stalls working up to smaller pastures with more horses until they eventually accept and ultimately welcome the natural herd environment.

It is our promise your horse will receive the "TLC" his/hers years of devoted service and companionship now warrant.