Horse Boarding Prices - Stable Rates – Costs

Challis Creek Ranch (CCR) offers a wide range of short and long-term horse boarding services to meet your explicit needs. A copy of our boarding agreement outlining applicable rates for available services can be requested utilizing the Information Request Form. The specific service categories have been detailed down below. Please have a look or give us a call at our number for any further questions.

A. Retired horses are boarded at a monthly base rate payable quarterly in advance. Lifetime Charges are available and will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending upon the age, health, and realistic life expectancy of your horse.

Our Vaccination Routine

A. EHV-1 & EHV-4 Rhinopneumonitis; Eastern, Western & Venezuelan Encephalomyelitis; Influenza, Type A1, A2 & KY93; Tetanus; Potomac Fever; Rabies Vaccine; West Nile Virus; and de-wormer.